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A new study released from the researchers of the University of Madrid, School of Medicine states that people are dying in Britain due to obesity more than anywhere else in Europe. This study states that around half of the British adults are overweight or obese with the numbers being 17% for men and 21% for women.

This study found that approx. 400,000 deaths in the EU are directly linked to overweight or obesity each year.

Dr. Jose Banegas, who led the research, said excess weight is a major public health problem. Doctors say that being obese when you are 40 knocks up to seven years off your life.

Of the deaths in the UK that are linked to excess weight, approximately 66% were from obesity, and 33% were due to being overweight.

Experts have warned that the number of fatalities due to obesity in the UK may soon exceed the number of smoking related deaths.

It is statistics like these that makes it clear why Vi has expanded into the UK. Vi and the Body by Vi Challenge planted roots in the UK to remove excess weight from the world, 10 pounds at a time.

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