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Dear friends,
We are pleased to invite you with your friends and family to our Shakes party. Come along for Vi nutritional tips and weight loss advices, whilst enjoying FREE delicious protein shakes!
Nutrition counts at 80% towards your weight loss or muscle gain, take the challenge with us!


Join us at The Hope Centre from 9am to 12am on Saturday 9th July. We’ll be serving three different protein shakes:
– Chocolate banana (With milk, can be almond milk)
– Berries (With milk, can be almond milk)
– Pineapple (with coconut water and fruit juice, No milk)
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Join us on Tuesday 12th July from 6pm to 8pm. We’ll be serving three different protein shakes:
– Avocado & Beetroots (No milk)
– Apple & Spinach (With milk, can be almond milk)
– Banana & Spinach (With milk, can be almond milk)


90 Day Challenge:
90 day challenge
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Find out more about the challenge:http://hopepilates.bodybyvi.com/customer