14th June 2018

Mat Pilates

Pilates is a highly effective exercise that can be practised by all ages and abilities to help you eliminate pain, build strength, increase flexibility and regain your overall well being. Workouts are designed to help you improve muscle strength as well as decreasing stress levels by harmoniously coordinating breathing, balance and alignment. Small equipment such as a Pilates circle, resistance bands, roller foam and over ball can all be incorporated for a fun and more dynamic workout.

In this sedentary world, 80% of complaints are due to back problems however, there have been increasing reports of Upper Limb Disorders (ULD) and Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI) among office professionals due to office workers engaging in unvarying positions many hours each day. Height, weight and lack of mobility of the individual also play a part in exacerbating the problems, as much as the work environment and bad set up of the work space.

Even though women dominate the studio, more and more men are joining due to the immense health benefits, not to mention the additional benefits of enhancing their sex lives! We also have ‘Men ONLY’ reformer Pilates available!