More than a simple tube, it’s all in one!

You can relax your muscles after exercises or massage your body after a long day of work! foam-roller-6 Maybe you’ve already seen it and wondered what to do with it?! Perhaps you even saw people using it wondered if this tool could be really useful for you? foam_rollerIt is mostly used specifically in the work of deep muscle massaging or body conditioning. Facia (Soft Tissue) release encourages and stimulates circulation and decreases muscle tension /cramps. It helps you to fight the pain in specific parts of the body (hip adductor, Piriformis, shoulder, back, shins, knees…) which are caused due to our sedentray lifestyle.     How do we use it? Roll on to the desired region and the position is maintained when trigger points are found. The foam roller is very versatile! It can also used for a great core workout, as featured on online video.

Who can use the Foam Roller?
Everybody! Indeed, it can be used at any age, for athletes as well as the couch potato!             Lower-Back-Pain-FL zpscb469668                      back-pain-raleigh-nc zps7bd203fd

Use it whenever you want, when you feel like it, Cause your body NEEDS it! Why not join us for Stretch ‘n’ Dstress this Sat @ 1:30pm and see what the fuss is all about! BOOK NOW! It does get easier !


Don’t Let Your Pain Define You

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