4th January 2016


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Hope Pilates

Our vision is to offer high quality, affordable, specialised health and wellbeing services to everyone in the community. We offer hope and help to conquer body challenges, and develop and maintain fitness through a variety of services and activities – from Pilates to Zumba and healthy eating to couch-based treatments.

Our mission is to enhance the individual’s way of life and equip them with the fundamentals of Pilates. Pilates is a way and not a momentary practice. We will help the individual unlock their ‘Power House’ and get you feeling calmer, stronger, healthier, younger, in ‘mind and body’.

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At Fluto ( www.fluto.co.uk ), we specialise in the supply of the most cost effective ergonomic equipment (a full range of ergonomic chairs, desks and accessories)  for individuals, companies and ergonomic professionals undertaking work-based assessments. Our mission with Fluto has been to develop a model of ergonomic supply excellence that is bespoke to the needs of the DSE assessor, competitively priced for the client and above all, provides a superb level of support to the end user. All chairs and desks can be taken on a risk-free trial and a qualified ergonomic professional will always install, fit and train the clients on how to use their chair/desk. To help maintain correct usage, we provide personalised, user friendly written instructions and on-demand telephone support. In the longer term, we also complete complimentary 6 month reviews by telephone or email. Fluto is owned and run by a Chartered Physiotherapist, Medical Doctor and Clinical Scientist and so one of the key strengths of our service is the evidence based information we can provide clients and ergonomic professionals.

Website: www.fluto.co.uk

Email: info@fluto.co.uk

Phone: 0203 0510157

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