BACK PAIN – What the doctors didn’t tell you!

Low back pain (LBP) is one of the most common complaints in today’s society and is the main reason why adults younger than 45 years old exprience discomfort. Debilitating back pain that continues for more than 3 months are considered chronic. LBP occurs when coordinaton and stablization of the trunk muscles are weak. LBP negatively Read more about BACK PAIN – What the doctors didn’t tell you![…]

Piriformis Syndrome Signs and Symptoms

Piriformis explained The sciatic and peroneal nerve, pictured above, is a thickest and longest nerve in the body. Sometimes both of these nerves pass the underside of the piriformis muscle before dividing (first picture on left),and sometimes they divide and only the sciatic nerve passes through the piriformis muscle (second picture below). Other times they Read more about Piriformis Syndrome Signs and Symptoms[…]

Get Access to Shake That Zumba for £1 ONLY!

    This experience is closer to that of a good night out, a party, being on the dance floor with a bunch of friends! Show us this image AT THE DOOR and PAY ONLY £1!* Visit us every SAT 12:30 PM – 1:30 PM at  Hope Pilates 27 Streatham Place, London SW2 4QQ. For Read more about Get Access to Shake That Zumba for £1 ONLY![…]