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Energise, get fit, get strong, slim down, relieve pain, dance, stretch, relax, rejuvenate
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Align-Pilates Flagship Store

Providing you top-notch Pilates equipment for your Pilates needs.

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Hope Pilates

Energise, get fit, get strong, slim down, relieve pain, dance, stretch, relax, rejuvenate

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Knights Youth Centre has delivered a service for young people aged 8-25 since 1936.

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Hope Pilates, established in 2010, has fully insured Register of Exercise Professionals recognized instructors around London.
Everything you need to feel better

Hope Pilates was founded by Mehret Hope, one of the UK's leading experts in common orthopedic conditions, caused by and including pregnancy, sports injuries, JHS (Joint Hypermobility Disorder), Tennis Elbow, back, knee, hip, wrist and neck pains. The Hope Centre offers Pilates, Yoga, Massage, Barre Concept, Insanity, beauty therapy, osteopathy, injury specific and chronic pain treatment. DON'T LET YOUR PAIN DEFINE YOU.

  • Become 100% pain free with Hope Pilates

  • Need a more personal approach ? We can definitely help!

  • Take your pick with our 50+ weekly group classes!

  • With our help and support


Our professional team are well recognised around London, fully insured and registered with the Register of Exercise Professionals

Mehret Hope

Founder. Mat and Reformer Pilates, Yoga, specialises in footwork and WRULDs injuries
Diagnosed with Hypermobility whilst suffering from a work related injury, Mehret’s firsthand chronic pain experience moved her to focus on rehabilitation and ‘real life’ mental and physical health issues.

Susana Ceballos

Kids Pilates & Reformer Instructor
Susana started practising Pilates in her country, Mexico, to manage the stress produced by tight deadlines in her previous job as a designer. In 2005, she decided to become a certified instructor to help others to get the same benefits from Pilates.


Personal Trainer
I’m a motivated International Yoga teacher from Switzerland, My yoga journey started in India 1998. In 2014 I passed my 200 TTC in India. I organized my first retreat in 2015 in Morocco. November 2015 I opened my Yoga studio in Goa /India. Book NOW: https://www.bookyogaretreats.com/yoga-land I’m specialise in Vinyasa flow ; Ashtanga Mysore style, I also teach slow flow & guide meditations. During my classes I enjoy inspiring others to improve their wellness and help them to progress in their yoga journey. My classes can either have a classic traditional structure or more modern with music and mix styles.

Faran Cooper

Mat & Reformer Instructor
Faran has developed her own sense of bespoke Pilates, tailored to both the individual and group needs to deliver only the finest Pilates classes to make you feel and look your best!

Rosne Martin-Beris

Kids Zumba Instructor
She started training in gymnastics, ballet, jazz, dance and musical theatre in Lithuania and completed Dance Diploma course and also MA Degree in Choreography with Performing Arts ( Middlesex University) and YMCA FiT Exercise to Music (ETM) fitness qualifications .She has been teaching Dance and Fitness classes in Fitness industry and schools for over 10 years.

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